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*Please refer to product label and/or SDS for Cautionary Statements and additional information.

Institutional Bleach 6%

6 x 3.6L Bottles



Laundry Use: To brighten white or colourfast fabrics use 180mL of Institutional Bleach for 50-60 litres of water. Add to the wash water before adding the laundry. Never pour undiluted Institutional Bleach directly onto fabric.
Note: Test the colour stability by applying one drop of diluted bleach on hidden part of the article. DO NOT use on wool, silk, mohair, leather or spandex.


General Cleaning: To deodorize and remove stains from tiling, wastebaskets, cutting boards, counters, etc. use 30mL of Institutional Bleach per litre of water. Let stand 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly and air dry. All surfaces that come in contact with food are to be rinsed with potable water after cleaning. DO NOT use on aluminum or silver.

On the Farm: Suitable for hen-house, piggery and premises. Dilute 1 part Institutional Bleach I 10 parts water. This solution will render work place and surrounding area clean. Let stand 10 minutes. After treatment, rinse carefully with plenty of potable water.

Environmentally Safe: Institutional Bleach rapidly breaks down to salt, water and oxygen when used as directed. Its residue is safe for septic systems. Recycale bottle where facilities exist.

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