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*Please refer to product label and/or SDS for Cautionary Statements and additional information.

Concentrated Bleach (Household)

For high efficiency washers & standard washers.


6 x 3.6L Bottles



Laundry Use: Pour into wash before adding laundry or dilute the recommended quantity in equal amount of water and pour once agitation starts. For best laundry results, use bleach dispenser if available. DO NOT pour directly on fabrics. Many fabrics that have “do not bleach” labels are bleach safe. To verify colour stability, apply one drop of diluted bleach on hidden part of the article. DO NOT use on wool, silk, mohair, leather and spandex.

Whites: In hot, warm or cold water. Use 125mL of Concentrated Bleach for 50-60 litres of water.

Colour-fast: Colour-fast fabrics of cotton, linen, hemp and synthetics of polyester, nylon, acetate, rayon and permanent press: in lukewarm or cold water. Use 60mL of Concentrated Bleach for 50-60 litres of water.

Toilets: Flush toilet; pour 125mL of Concentrated Bleach into toilet bowl and scrub entire bowl using a brush; let stand for 10-15 minutes then flush toilet again. DO NOT use with toilet bowl cleaners or any other household chemicals.

Other Uses: For garbage cans, ceramic tiles, shower curtains, counter tops, mops: use 125mL Concentrated Bleach per 4 litres of water. DO NOT use this product full strength for cleaning surfaces. DO NOT use on aluminum or silver.

Environmentally Safe: Concentrated Bleach rapidly breaks down to salt, water and oxygen when used as directed. Its residue is safe for septic systems. Recycale bottle where facilities exist.\

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