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Relief for Body, Mind & Planet

Relax the day away with new, premium PSP Scented Epsom Salts. Featuring natural, fragrance-enhanced crystals and innovative, environmentally friendly packaging, our Epsom Salts treat you and our planet.

Our Epsom Salts help relieve muscular aches and pains, especially after a tough workout or injury. With faster muscle repair, you can get back to feeling your best sooner.

Soothe Sore Muscles

Everyday stress can cause tension and tightness in your body. Bathing in our Epsom Salts can help loosen stiff muscles and joints so you feel more relaxed.

Relieve Tension

Create a Sense of Calm

Do you experience swelling in your ankles or other body parts? Soaking in our Epsom Salts can help reduce inflammation and reduce uncomfortable swelling.

Reduce Swelling

With busy schedules, finding time to unwind can be difficult. Our Epsom Salts create a quiet, relaxing environment to help you refresh and rejuvenate your mind.

Try Every Scent for a Uniquely Fragrant Experience

Soak in Goodness

After a long, stressful day, nothing feels better than soaking in a warm bath with our Epsom Salts. Simply dissolve desired amount (1-2 cups) of crystals in your bath water to produce a relaxing mineral treatment.

Treat Your Feet

Those feet of yours do a lot of standing, walking, and keeping up with daily life! Treat them to a rejuvenating soak by dissolving ½ cup of our Epsom Salts in 4 litres of warm water.

PVC-Free for You & the Environment

Unlike all other Epsom Salt brands on the market, our Epsom Salts are packaged in a proprietary, PVC-FREE jug. These jugs are blown in an Ultra-Clarified Clear Polypropylene resin that is better for you and our environment. They also feature an ergonomic handle, making them easier to carry and pour. With this exciting change, the entire RW packaging stream is now completely PVC-FREE – just one way we’re continually striving to make a difference and care for our greater world.

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