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Get the gold standard on your side. 

RW hand sanitizers are the gold standard in the category, most notably in the areas of  formulation and package format. Here’s why our antiseptic products rise to the top:   

  • Unique Format – Our unique sprayer ensures optimal functionality and mess-free coverage, and our 100 ml bottle is perfectly sized to GO! anywhere with you.   

  • Premium Ingredients – As with all RW products, we carefully choose the best ingredients to deliver optimal results. Our hand sanitizers are formulated using only USP Grade IPA and raw materials (USP Purified Water, USP Hydrogen Peroxide, and USP Glycerine [plant-based]). 

  • Superior Strength – To properly fight germs, you need a 70% alcohol concentration level; the compendial standard considered appropriate for human use as a disinfectant. Our products meet this standard to help fight harmful bacteria on contact.  

  • Meeting WHO Standards – Our formulation follows the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended standard. This provides added assurance of potency, protecting you from germs easily picked up from the people and surfaces around you. 

Choose one or both sizes. 

Keep safe and secure wherever you go with our two convenient sizes:  

300 ml PSP 

100 ml PSP GO!

*Please refer to product label and/or SDS for Cautionary Statements and additional information.

Safety is in your hands. 

Germs may be everywhere, but there’s a new and better way to fight them. Our game-changing spray-on hand sanitizers provide the bacteria-fighting power you need, in the quick, convenient format you want. It’s a revolutionary way to protect your health – at home or on the go.  


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